Design & Engineering

Tripp Enterprises offers complete turn-key Mechanical & Electronic Engineering & Design Services, or we can provide support with your design to aid in producing a high quality and cost-effective design ready for prototyping or production needs. We use the latest in Computer Aided Design and Drafting technology. Solidworks is our mainstay, but we are also able to work with a wide range of CAD conversion formats. We track all progress, changes, documentation and status of all projects through development, prototype and production. Tripp Enterprises is committed to our customer’s needs from the beginning to the end of a project, whether we are working on simple problem solving or turn-key product development. With 65 years in business, Tripp Enterprises has earned a solid reputation for creative problem solving, as well as complete confidentiality with regard to our customer’s proprietary information.

3D Printing

3D printing is your solution to cost effective prototyping and design changes to bring your ideas to reality with early stage models for marketing photos, focus groups, trade shows, and investment models.
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)/Fused Filament Modeling

(FFM)Utilizes any available filament in a variety of colors. Extruded material in layers.
Stereo Lithography 3D Printer (SSL)

We can create accurate and detailed models. This process uses a laser to print using liquid resin.
Utilizing .stl files or SolidWorks
We are in business to be your partners with the expertise to bring you through every stage of product development and custom manufacturing.
Product Development
Our customers recognize the value of technology and product development. Tripp Enterprises has dedicated 15,000 square feet of space to the Product Development department. With dedicated equipment and staff, it is completely independent of our production facility. This independence allows them to evaluate and expose critical design issues early in the prototyping process. We have Project Managers on staff who provide leadership, planning, collaboration and communications. This results in the capability to conform to the delivery needs of our clients. We offer quick turn prototyping utilizing many methods and materials. Let us provide you with hi-octane fuel in today’s race for success.


Our “team” approach assures that engineering, tooling, vacuum forming, CNC trimming, machining and fabrication departments work together to produce your parts on time and to your exacting specification.

With machinery like the Brown 3 Station Rotary Thermoformer and Wisconsin Enhanced Walk In Convection Oven, we are ideally suited to execute our client’s manufacturing strategy with high degrees of accuracy, quality and timeliness.

We can recommend the best thermoforming technique for your product. the different techniques allow a variety of molded design features, including finer detail, texturing and sharp, crisp corners and edges.


With our tooling capabilities, Tripp Enterprises can ensure time to market commitments. Tooling requires a craftsman’s skill, done by someone capable of creative thinking and the unique ability to “make it happen”. From prototype to economical multi-part tooling, Tripp Enterprises will recommend the best solutions for your project. We create tooling from a variety of materials based upon your requirements and budget. These include high density foam, and aluminum. We can accommodate any production need such as split tooling, zero draft walls, precision machined tooling, molded logos, and deep draw tooling.

CNC Trimming

Tripp Enterprises utilizes state-of-the-art equipment with advanced 5 axis CAD/CAM technology. The CNC trimming centers can consistently and accurately trim parts to a tolerance of plus or minus .010″ in any configuration.

We hold a commanding position in the thermoforming marketplace and pride ourselves in accepting our customer’s most challenging projects.


Tripp Enterprises’ Machining department offers 3 axis CNC milling, 3D contouring and CNC lathes. Exacting tolerances are established and maintained throughout the production process.

All CNC equipment is networked directly with our programmers which enables us to make and modify programs and transfer them immediately to the production floor.

We can machine a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium as well as plastics including commercial PVC, Acetal, UHMW, ABS and Nylon. A broad list of industries such as gaming, medical, semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, distribution, military and more utilize our top notch machining capabilities.

Custom Fabrication

Our expert staff has extensive experience in supplying high quality, custom-crafted products for all types of commercial, industrial and retail applications. Typically, Tripp Enterprises performs many different functions, including routing, solvent bonding, heat-bending, annealing, buffing and welding.

Plastics welding offers a unique solution for projects which require a high chemical resistance, greater strength or extreme temperatures.

Die Cutting

Die cutting can offer a cost saving solution for a project with high volume, thin film blanks.
Cutting & Laser

With five laser cutting systems ranging from 60 to 4000 watts, two CNC panel saws and multiple other cutting systems, we can produce cut parts with high precision and consistency. The laser systems take direct input from our programmers to produce flat parts with great complexity. the laser does not stress or distort materials allowing them to maintain their strength and durability.

Sharp corners and micro details are evidence of the accuracy of the laser systems. the 1000 in/min travel speed allows for fast production times and low labor costs.

Injection Molding

Tripp Enterprises offers high quality custom injection molding as a critical component to our value added capabilities.

With a full engineering team, we have an expert manufacturing support team to ensure quality and consistency with your products from initial prototype through large volume production.

Capabilities Include:

    Insert Molding
    Over Molding
    Tight Tolerances
    Interlocking Components

Available in a wide variety of materials

Tripp takes pride with every department to be environmentally responsible with all recyclable material.

Precision Sheet Metal

The EML K3610NT (Laser Turret Combo Machine) combines the latest developments in machine servo-electric punching, CNC and laser resonator technologies. The EML K3610NT is a specialist in high speed production of short run sheet metal parts. The results are exceptional production speeds and consistently high quality products. We utilize the Amada FBD series, Windows based press brakes for easy program recall and fast set-ups.

While Tripp Enterprises does offer a full service, Precision Sheet Metal division, the real advantage is utilizing our entire company. Our customers have come to rely on us for their complete manufacturing solutions.

Value Added Assembly

Tripp Enterprises offers strategic solutions for customers with no design/engineering or production resources readily available. Marketing organizations in need of a rapid product launch can rely on our quick time to market.

Dedicated cross-functional teams (Engineering, Project Managers, Production Control, Quality Assurance…) stay with the product from concept design through production and final distribution. these teams work with so much focus on projects they become a virtual extension of our customer’s own staff.

We have become a value added contract manufacturing partner to the world’s leading OEM’s. We specialize in design for manufacturability – improving product designs without sacrificing quality to lower final production costs.

While offering a unique blend of high caliber design, engineering and manufacturing services, we still remain flexible and responsive to our customer’s needs.


Tripp Enterprises can apply simple graphic solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your signage program.

Complete ADA interior sign packages including modular, architectural and silk-screened signs can be produced to match your corporate design or individual image.

Name badges can be produced in many different shapes, colors and sizes to meet your requirements. Our state-of-the-art Millennium digital imaging process can produce multi-colored name badges which incorporate logos, photographs, signatures or bar coding, and can also produce employee recognition plaques and awards.

Large interior/exterior sign faces, banners, magnetic signs and window graphics are delivered with creativity and the latest technology.


Tripp Enterprises has an industrial plastics division which handles distribution. With over 75,000 square feet of warehouse space, materials for every industrial need are ready for immediate shipment.

We offer stock sizes of sheet, rod, tube and film in a variety of materials and colors. All materials can be certified to meet specifications.

Quality Assurance

At Tripp Enterprises, quality is more than a manufacturing process. It is a corporate process with an emphasis on “EVERYONE”. Each individual is focused on providing the highest level of value and service to our customers.

Our highly motivated employees are the key to working more efficiently and focusing on process controls. Our Quality Assurance department works with our employees to achieve our customer’s quality standards to ISO 9001:2015 specifications.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.